Arthur Tjatitjarra Robertson (deceased)

Arthur Tjatjtjarra Robertson was born at Rilyi, north of Warburton c.1936. He lived between Patjarr and Warburton with his family. His father’s country is east of Warakurna and north of Blackstone. His mother’s country is west of Patjarr. He was married to Matjiwa Jones, Mr Robertson passed away in Kalgoorlie on 7 June 2011.

Manupa Butler

Manupa Butler

Manupa was born at Kunangurra near Patjarr Community in the Gibson Desert, WA. She came to Warburton in the 1960’s and spent several years there before returning to her home country. Manupa paints and hunts in the desert and tells stories to her children and grandchildren. She divides her time between Patjarr and Warakuna. Kurnangura Kapi Pirti

Ngipi Ward

Ngipi Ward photo Edwina Circuitt06

Ngipi Ward lives in the small and very remote community of Patjarr, also known as Karilywarra, in the Gibson Desert, Western Australia. She was born near Yunpalara (Lake Blair) at Yirril – meaning to sharpen a stick – where she lived a nomadic life of hunting and gathering with her family well into the 1960’s. Her way of life was documented in “People of the Australian Western Desert”, a documentary by anthropologist, Ian Dunlop, produced by the Australian Commonwealth Film Unit. Ngipi Ward is a painter of growing renown and a skilled hunter.

Pulpurru Davies

Pulpurru Davies was born near Yankaltjunku in the north east Gibson Desert where she lived a nomadic life until the 1960’s, when she was brought to Warburton Mission by patrol officers. She held several domestic jobs at the Mission until returning to Patjarr Community where she now lives, hunts and paints. Pulpurru’s way of life was documented in “People of The Australian Western Desert”, a documentary by anthropologist Ian Dunlop, produced by the Australian Commonwealth Film Unit. Pulpurru Davies is highly celebrated for her paintings and vast cultural knowledge.

Fred Ward

Fred Ward photo Dallas Gold

Fred Ward was born in the desert at Patjarr Creek, where the community of Patjarr gets its name. Patjarr Community is situated on the edge of the Gibson Desert Nature Reserve and Mr Ward works closely with the Native Title Unit of the Ngaanyatjarra Council for the area. He came back to live in the Ngaanyatjarra lands after spending several years at Papunya in the Northern Territory. During his time at Papunya Fred worked with Papunya Tula Artists.

Margaret Jennings (deceased)

Nola Campbell


Nola Campbell lives and paints in Patjarr. She worked on collaborative pieces with her husband, Coiley Campbell, until he passed away in November 2009. Patjarr is a tiny community situated on the edge of the Gibson Desert Nature Reserve in Western Australia.

Ailsa Laidlaw

Ailsa Laidlaw paints for Kayili Artists in Patjarr and Warakurna Artists painting program in Wanarn.

Matjiwa Jones

Matjiwa was born near Patjarr, in the Gibson Desert.

Norma Giles

Norma Ngumarnu Giles now lives in Warburton but visits and paints in the small and very remote Patjarr Community on the edge of the Gibson Desert Nature Reserve, WA. She was married to a Senior Law man, Mr Jackie Kurltjunyintja Giles (who passed away in February 2010) and has many children and grandchildren living throughout the Western Desert region.

Jackie Kurltjunyintja Giles (deceased)

Mr Jackie Kurltjunyintja Giles was born in the 1930’s in the bush east of Kiwirrkurra, at a kangaroo dreaming site called Tjamu Tjamu. After many years of walking over the country and living a nomadic life he travelled over the ranges near Docker River and found his way to Warburton Mission, WA. By this time he was a Nagkarri (traditional healer), a man with great insight and intuition. His father passed on the knowledge and power of spiritual insight and strength to Mr Giles. He is a senior man who travels extensively and is widely respected in the Western Desert. Mr Giles lived in Patjarr Community, WA until recent years when he moved for health reasons to Warburton. He passed away on 16 February 2010 and was buried in Warburton.

Nancy Carnegie

Nancy Tjungupi Carnegie photo Dallas Gold

Nancy was born near Patjarr at a place called Pandaltjarra where she lived a traditional lifestyle into early adulthood. She is included in video footage taken by Ian Dunlop in 1965 filmed at Patjarr Creek. She has lived and painted all her life at Patjarr where she devides her time between hunting and painting. She is a widow having been married to Aubrey Carnegie and has two surviving children, Jodie and Paul Carnegie with grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Patricia Ward

Patricia Theresa Ward is the daughter of Ngipi Ward. She has four young children, Corey, Leah, Delray and Alfred Junior. Patricia has painted for Kayili Artists since it began in 2004 and before that she painted in Warburton, showing a dedication and maturity in her work that is rare in others her age.